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Welcome to the HELICK Community

A community build for passioned high school entrepreneurs. 

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At HELICK, we are dedicated to helping high school students achieve their entrepreneur dreams through our comprehensive programs. Our team of experienced professors and entrepreneurs provides valuable resources and materials to help you succeed in your career. We offer reliable guidance and support to help you start or maintain your business. Our culture is one of helping each other during the process, and we also have skilled euntrepeneurs that are willing to listen, and invest in your projects. We also provide investment opportunities for all people that believes in the innovativeness of high schoolers.

At HELICK, we believe everyone deserves a chance to succeed in their career, including High school students. We work closely with our clients and assist them in their entrepreneurial journey no matter where they are. Whether you're just starting or looking to advance your career, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Prize - 2023

Every project that signs up for Helick will gain the right to join the competition every year in August. The Champion will earn a hundred dollars as a reward and will be published in front of well-known angel investors. 


At HELICK, we offer a range of coaching programs from teaching entrepreneurship, to high school Y combinator. we not only provide the resources and guidance you need to succeed, but we will also invest in your company when it develops. Our programs are tailored to your individual needs, and our experienced entrepreneurs will work with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

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